People Powered Funding

Do you want Tom Malinowski representing you in Congress?

So do we!  We are constituents of Congressional District 7 – the ones who helped to get Leonard Lance out of Congress! We care about what happens in our community, our district, our state, and the nation.  And we have a plan to keep Tom in office, working on the issues important to us.  Our first action this year will be to write postcards to constituents — unaffiliated voters — all across Congressional District 7.

We are fundraising for postcards to swing voters.

Want a Malinowski removable car cling? For every $10 that you donate, we will send you a car cling.

We are focused on the swing voters: we need them to know about Congressman Malinowski and why they should vote for him in the 2022 midterm elections. And that conversation starts now.

Your contribution will pay to print the postcards. We have no paid staff — just dedicated volunteers working together to keep our Congressman Tom Malinowski in Congress where he will fight for the issues and values important to us!